Before asking anyone to login to Vichaar or participate in Startup Idol.I want to emphasise my journey to launch Vichaar.

My journey of Vichaar began in class 6th when my class teacher scolded me infront of my father in PTM due to my poor result of 60%.

I still remember those childhood days, I used to make grand plans and used to maintain a daily schedule, I planned but never executed, my aspiration was to top the class but used to get rank of 20+.

That day I was completely shattered but that day I decided to focus on execution rather than on planning, I stopped making grand plans and started studying day by day and the result of class 6th final term shocked everyone.

From 60.43% to 82.57% a J curve.

How did I achieve this I stopped thinking, and started doing. I changed from Vichaar to Execution, it does not mean I did not plan, I planned but I also executed, this was the happiest day of my life till date.

Post that I kept on this performance in academics and also did decent in boards and competed AIEEE, securing an NIT admission but settled for Bharati Vidyapeeth College in CSE.

I only had one goal in my mind and that was to top the exams and secure a job in TCS, I had an immense focus on execution and achieved both.

Post that I began journey with PTC one of the finest companies in world, where I got to work under Neeraj Tikku sir, and learnt how to understand customers.  I had an amazing life but I was not satisfied as I wanted to achieve more.

Then I took the biggest risk of my life I decided to swich from QA to Dev, I worked day in and day out and decided to learn professional development and finally switched to Development.

I faced a lot of hurdles in Dev as college dev, theoretical dev preparation and real time development are 360 degree different, coupled with that I was lone developer having no mentors in office. I learnt on my own, fought, survived and finally trained a team of 7 new developers in my team.

How did I learnt an alien thing and switch my profile: Execution

After doing both QA and Dev I realized that Product Management was my calling. I decided to switch to a different organisation where I can learn more about Products, and luckily I was selected by Siemens for SSE position.

Under guidance of Abhishek Raman sir I was able to learn about product management and development. After 2 years of learning at Siemens I wanted to take my learnings to new level and I had to decide between development and PM and I decided PM.

I decided to take my learnings to next level by doing startup which gave me freedom to be a Product Manager, I began with idea of Learning4Life, where my objective was to make Indian Engineers employable by giving them industry ready training.

I also got mentorship from Dolly Mam and at the same time I was doing Product Management from Duke and Supply Chain certification from IIM, I was doing 5 things at same time. Planning more doing less

Finally before quitting Siemens I went to Bangalore to meet Subs (VP) and Pankaj Vyas where I pitched both different ideas and finally Subs cleared my mind.

He was happy about my vision of creating Nalanda Ecosystem in India. That was the day I decided to focus on execution and started focusing on execution and the idea of Vichaar was born.

Vichaar : We all have ideas but we fail to convert our idea to reality, what is the reason we fail to change our idea to reality it is due to lack of execution.

Today when I see young students working in hackathons, presenting their ideas in ideathon, I feel immensely happy. But its time those ideas are converted to startup and there is only one way one can convert those ideas to startup, and it is by being focused on execution.

For me it has been my mentors

Jaydeep Naha Sir, Subs, Abhishek Sir, Neeraj Sir, Raunak Sir, Nishant Sir , Dolly Mam, Jyoti Mam, Narina Thakur Mam, Kiran, Pooja and Ganesh Mallya sir helping me immensely to shape my thoughts.

Having such mentors truly helped me to think through in right direction.

Stop Thinking, Start Doing

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