Lets recount the journey of Facebook and how did Mark Zuckerberg came about the idea of Facebook.

Being a psychology student he always wanted to understand what’s going in the life of others, how people share. He always wants to build a product that allowed him to connect with other people.

Before building Facebook, he built an amazing product called course match that allowed students to see what courses other students had taken.

Harvard had a reading period in which they gave time to students to read their favorite books.

He observed that in 2004, Google had democratized information and news but there was one thing that was missing, he could not find people.

That is where the Vichaar of Facebook came to Mark Zuckerberg. He decided to build a product that allowed people to show how they are and connect with other people.

He never envisioned that it will be a product that the world will use, he simply built a product that he wanted and his friends wanted.

He wanted to democratize people. Connecting people was the mission of Facebook.

It was a simple student directory for Harvard, Facebook began with connecting 1 college at a time. Students started loving connecting with other students, they began spending time on Facebook.

What did Facebook did so well: They built something students of college wanted, a way to communicate and connect with each others.

When they began they even did not have a business model, Peter Thiel who was first external investor helped team to develop a sustainable and viable business model via advertisement.  The advertisers paid Facebook money for the time students spent online.