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Startup Idol

This is excerpts from sir’s speech in E-Summit of DTU in which sir began by asking a very simple question?

How many of you are interested to start a company?

Startups have become a buzzword in today’s technological landscape , it has become a word of inspiration in youth.

In order to energize the community program of entrepreneurship has been started in DTU with facility of seed money, establishment of company and legal aid to company.

The main objective is to create an ecosystem for innovation, venture development and entrepreneurship.

Today India is a young country, we need to create job creators. To create job creators we need to take the road less traveled

We must value ourselves and we must value our time. Time is the most finite resource in the world. If we want to experiment it is ok, we should experiment now rather than regret later.

Kuch padhchinho pe chalte hai,

Kuch padhchinha banate hai

Jag mein wo jane jate hai

Jo Padhchinha banate hai

A great poem by Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Another epic story from movie Pay it forward in which teacher of class 7th wrote on board

Think of idea to change our world and put into action.

The story shows how mindset of people change, when we help people without thinking anything in return

Technology is important, Integration is important but Scalability and Sustainability is equally important.

Steve Wozniak, said I doubt the creativity of Indians to build world class technological companies 2018, In 2011 he had opined that Indian’s passion for technology is highest in world.

Why did he say this?Can Indian’s build world class technological companies?

How many Fortune 500 companies are from India, Only 5 Indian companies are in Fortune 500

No company in area of technology from India is in Fortune 500. Economy is moving towards knowledge creation .

How many India MNC’s do you know? Flipkart is now acquired by Walmart.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, you should ask Why do you want to become an entrepreneur, if the answer is to earn money, Money can be offshoot, it can be side effect, it should not be purpose.

Purpose should be to create something for our country. It requires patriotic mindset to help others.

University are playing role to change the mindset. Our teachers are specialized in teaching knowledge, now teachers we have to practice knowledge. Train and tune for using knowledge.

Modern education system needs to produce entrepreneurs and it is important to celebrate failure. The problem with Indian system is that we fail in implementation.

When it comes to actual implementation, we need people who can implement things, full enthusiasm

Ideas are important but implementation is more important. Passion is important but commitment is more important.

Try, try and try again until you get success.