If you want to learn how to turn your vichaar (idea) to reality, you should watch Lakshya, a movie which truly demonstrates the journey of a lifetime. Some key lessons I would like to share which will help to turn your idea from zero to one.

1. It’s ok to be confused initially: Confusions are bound to happen. It is one of the most beautiful thing to happen. The movie begins with Hrithik Roshan being confused about his career.

2. Do what you like not what your peers like : Peer pressure drives a person especially in college days if your friend is preparing for an MBA even you should prepare for an MBA this should never be the case. Find what you are good at, and don’t follow the crowd

3. Lakshya: The word Lakshmi comes from Lakshya, once you focus yourself on your goal and work towards it Lakshmi will follow. Don’t chase money chase your goals and money will follow, same is shown in the movie when Hrithik focuses on his goal of becoming an army officer all his family members and friends start respecting him.

4. Execution: Execution is what makes great people different. The movie showed how Hrithik executed his strategies. Earlier he only had vichaar from a thinker he became a doer. Become a CEO of your life first, focus all your energy of doing that 1 good thing and you will be able to conquer MT Everest also.

5. Be bold: Army teaches one discipline and focus. It encourages one to be courageous and take risk. The movie shows numerous instances of courage, the journey of 0 to 1 requires one to be bold and courageous. The journey of 1000 miles begin with first step and taking the first step requires courage.

Focus is what is needed to turn your idea to startup, and the same is demonstrated in movie.