David Wascha is one of the finest product managers that I have seen in my life, I consider him as one of the mentors and guide, he has given some of the most valuable lessons to start a startup

A startup founder is the first product manager in the startup.

What are some key lessons?

1. Listen to your customer:

As a product manager, you need to solve problems of the customer and that can not be understood without listening to the customer.

2. Don’t listen to your customer

We need to listen to customers for the problem not the solution. That is the job of a product manager.

3. Watch the competition

Competitors provide rich source of information, whenever competitor ships product you learn a lot.

4. Don’t watch the competiton

Don’t worry too much about competition, dont go for buzz words focus should be on solving problems

5. Be a thief

As a product manager our job is to solve customer problem,and not coming up with all ideas, if you like an idea that can solve your customers problem take it.

6. Get Paid

Ask this fundamental question, will the customer pay for the product. A product is experience that user buys.

7. Stop worrying about getting paid

Focus first on giving customer functional and emotional benefits, some features have a return in long run. Make a product that user love.

8. Speed Up

As a product manager the most valuable entity is time and delay in decision making can be the biggest blunder, so move fast.

9. Say no

As a product manager you need to be ready to say no. There will be lot of stakeholders you have to engage with your job is to be focused on solving customer problem and for that you should be able to say no.

10. Don’t confuse yourself with customer

Customer is god and you should test product with your customer not from your prespective. Build measure learn.

11. Be dumb

It is ok to not know things as a product manager, you need to learn new things constantly and it is ok to learn unlearn and relearn.

As a product manager/startup founder, the only core responsibility you have is to bring customer focus.