How Chak De India teaches us how to start a startup, sounds interesting right, lets rewind the movie and see what are some lessons of entrepreneurship we can learn from it.

  1. Failures are inevitable: Movie begins with SRK being captain of Indian men’s hockey team which loses to Pak, the reaction of society is what makes the journey so tough. Situation is similar for a startup founder,a startup founder faces extreme tough conditions intially, the initial days for startup founder begins with a lot of uncertainity and lack of clarity. Our society too does not accept entrepreneurship which makes this tough journey even tougher. In India entrepreneurs are seen as unemployed and this is the major reason for people failing to take entrepreneurship or take and quit one.
  2. Solving a hard problem: Who is an entrepreneur, according to me he is one who tries to solve a problem that has not yet been solved, the movie beautifully shows this with SRK taking responsibility of being the coach of India Women’s team, where no other coach wanted to take the position. If the problem was simpler it would already have been solved, so as an entrepreneur its our responsibility to take up hard problems and try to solve them.
  3. Society would not support: As shown in the movie no one believes that this team can be coached, everyone believes that this team would lose the cup and no attention is given to solve the problem, so when you begin the journey most people would laugh at you, mock you, what you need to do like SRK keep moving.
  4. Seeing is believing: SRK was a coach and he believed in the vision of Indian Women’s team winning the cup, that could not be seen even by the team nor any other people. Why entrepreneurs are visionary because they are able to see the future and build it.
  5. Building a team: Together each achieves more, and the movie shows how a team that was so separate and distinct came together to achieve common goal of winning the cup. SRK shows us the power of nurturing each team member and finding unique strength and weakness of team and bringing everyone together, similarly as an entrepreneur one needs to build a team that is able to achieve vision.
  6. Creating an ecosystem: The movie shows how SRK nurtured an ecosystem of innovation in team, making them run, practice and achieve their goals, this is the core responsibility of a startup founder create an ecosystem that empowers its people its customer.
  7. Study the competition: When you play a game, you are competing against different players, so its wise to see the strategies of others, and foster a competitive advantage. This is shown in movie with SRK studying each team’s strategize and then planning according to them.
  8. 70 minute: Focus is what makes the difference between a successful founder and a failed founder, the movies shows this beautifully in climax with SRK motivating his team to take advantage of 70 minutes.