Most people are confused about this part and are always on the search for the next billion-dollar idea, thinking long and hard finding an idea to begin their journey.  It is quoted an Idea can change your life.

Yes, ideas matter this is where everything starts but chasing ideas will be counter-intuitive, the best way to think of a startup idea, in fact, is converse look for problems this is the best way you can get an idea and start asking simple questions.

Lets rewind journey of some of the biggest startups:

  1. Google: Founders of Google asked a very simple question, can search be better, before Google there was Yahoo and it had a search engine, however the organization of information had scope of improvement and this hidden need was identified by Larry Page and thus began the vichaar of Google a search engine so good that it could organize worlds information and produce best search results.
  2. Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg asked how he can create a community and get connected to more people. Before Facebook there was Orkut, still Facebook created with the problem of connecting people more efficiently and what was born was Facebook.
  3. Airbnb: Founders of Airbnb found that people found it tough to book hotels during peak season and with this problem in mind they came up with the concept of Airbnb, ie staying at strangers home. The idea sprung up by asking a simple question ” How can one spend less while travelling”.
  4. Apple: Founders of Apple had to go to library to use computers, they asked very simple question, can computing be made simpler and there we go idea of Apple was born.
  5. Canva: Founder of Canva, identified the problem people had to undergo to create a graphic design and they built canva, a tool which democratized design.

After reading this I believe you got an understanding of how to think of ideas, chase problems and ideas will come automatically. In my opinion simplest way to get an idea is to ask simple questions.

Goal of any startup is not money but making meaning, creating value in life of people. If your idea can change the life of people better and simpler.