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Vichaar is a platform that helps student entrepreneurs turn their idea into startups.


Recreating Nalanda Ecosystem

Create an innovation ecosystem for Immortal India, making India a land of innovators, job creators and problem solvers creating India as hub of Startups, recreating golden Nalanda Ecosystem.

Students of the college have ideas but they are confused about what to do next?

The journey of any budding entrepreneur begins with a Vichaar, this journey is often lonely since most people are risk-averse and often discourage those with business ideas. For a budding entrepreneur, the process of turning his Vichaar into a startup is extremely daunting, whether it is refining the ideas, finding mentors, hiring a team, converting the idea into an impactful product that user love, pitching for funding or building an enterprise, it requires a lot of hard work and effort. We know how tough it is and thus we have built the platform for startup founders to connect with each other, expert mentors, and investors which will help him to gain clarity, learn necessary skills, and build a stronger network.


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